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Christmas at Voodoo Brewing

Voodoo Brewing Co. 550 W Plumb Ln ste E, Reno

Embrace the charm of the highlander cow and the whimsy of the holiday season with our Highland Holiday Cow paint and sip event. Join us for a delightful evening of creativity, laughter, and festive Highland cows!
Picture yourself painting a cheerful Highland cow adorned with holiday accessories like Santa hats, jingle bells, and tinsel. With the guidance of our talented artist, you'll create a masterpiece that captures the heartwarming fusion of Highland charm and holiday merriment.
Our skilled artist will lead you step by step in creating the Highland Holiday Cow masterpiece.
Enjoy your favorite holiday beverages and music, setting the stage for a joyful night of painting and laughter.
Whether you have an affinity for Highland cows or simply want to celebrate the holidays with a whimsical twist, our Highland Holiday Cow paint and sip event offers a unique and joyful experience.
Join us for an evening filled with creativity, friendship, and a dash of Highland charm. This event is perfect for both experienced artists and those looking to embrace the spirit of the season through art.
Unleash your inner artist and let your creativity run wild while you paint, sip, and celebrate the holidays with our Highland Holiday Cow event. It's a unique opportunity to capture the essence of Scotland and the joy of the season on canvas.

Difficulty: Easy