Adult Painting Parties

From: $175.00 (Deposit)

Have you been wanting to get together with your girlfriends but can’t find something new and exciting to do? Maybe you’ve worn out your local movie theater or shopping mall, or maybe you want something more satisfying and involved than a night of sitting around and chatting.

Don’t let a lack of planning keep you from meeting up with your favorite people. We are here to spice up your girl’s night in with our creative paint parties!!!

Throwing a birthday bash, baby shower, or family gathering? Whatever the occasion, put an original spin on your special night and celebrate! Grab a glass of wine, relax and get creative, as our artists take your party from blank canvas to masterpiece.

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Our Event Coordinators make planning your event easy. Enjoy one of our step-by-step instructor-led painting parties with your friends and family and you’ll leave with a one-of-a-kind creation that you create yourself!