Art Kit


kit includes:

11×14 canvas board, a stencil to guide you, all the paint you will need, a selection of brushes, a sample picture, and printed instructions.

Will you need more than what  comes in the box?

we suggest:

a pen or pencil  to trace your stencil, paper towels or an old hand towel to dry your brush when you wash off the paint and a cup or small jar for your water and last but not least an apron or old clothes as you might get paint on them.

Choose your design for your kit * 


Looking for a way to keep busy and have fun?  Perfect Stay-At-Home Project! Great painting activity to do with your family or friends.  Excellent Birthday or Holiday Gift! Surprise your loved one with an amazingly simple yet extremely entertaining gift for their special day.

Create your painting from scratch in just a couple hours! Follow along with the simple painting instructions for your kit. Your kit will include all the tools you need to go from blank canvas to beautiful artwork.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 2 in